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The mission for LB Transport Services is to enhance the quality of all forms of transportation for citizens through the efficient use and protection of our natural, economic and human resources. The goal of LB Transport is to be an innovative, effective and efficient transportation authority that meets the needs of and is accountable to our citizens. LB Transport is working with the regional communities and we are planning to set of uniform for drivers in Georgia Region.

  • Objective 1

    Develop a first-class street and highway network that meets the short and long-term needs of all counties and Cities in Georgia.

  • Objective 2

    Expand public transportation into an area-wide transit system of buses, van pools, carpools and special population transit services that is efficient, convenient, safe and cost-effective.

  • Objective 3

    Support an open, inclusive and participatory transportation planning process.

  • Objective 4

    Identify and address the needs of minority and low-income populations in making transportation decisions.

  • Objective 5

    We believe in the new compact patterns that will enable public transit to compete with the automobile, ensuring the connectivity of existing and proposed roadways, and preserving the character and quality of the area while accommodating its anticipated growth and development.

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