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We believe in Negotiation Setting for our clients by providing the following work ethic by expediting the following terms.

  • Agreement
  • Skills
  • Communicate
  • Tactic
  • Contract
  • Collaboration
  • Goals
  • Product

LB Luxury Services created 6 businesses that are now combined into one entity, LB LUXURY SERVICES. We provide Tax Services, Transportation, Temp Staffing, Federal and State Contract Services, Janitorial Services, and Nonprofit Services called Fresh Start.

Our Company has provided different services for over 10 years. We believe in providing teamwork and dedication for our clients which we serve. We love what we do as a team by putting a smile on our client faces. We believe in promoting other businesses as well as our own company.

  • Qualifying competitive contract provider for bids to ensure best
  • Coordinating plans and spec to keep projects running smoothly.
  • Overseeing site safety and ensuring compliance.
  • Performing pre- and post -inspections to assess quality
  • 24 Hr. Emergency Customer Services Team
  • Statutory Compliance& Performance Management
  • Management applications integrated with ERP
  • Orientation and training classes for staff
  • Schematic space and furnishing plan
  • Complaint Department


  • Janitorial Services
  • Federal contracts
  • State contracts
  • Bookkeeping/ Filing record
  • Small business Accountant
  • Virtual Customer Services Contracts
  • (Technical support, Quality Assurance and Sales)
  • Staffing Contracts
  • Transportation Contracts
  • Landscaping Contracts
  • Tax Services Contracts
  • Subcontracting Services
  •  Detail Car Contracts

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